Images in Flutter

Flutter applications contains both the code and the assets (i.e. resources). An asset is a file, which is bundled and deployed with the app and is accessible at runtime. The asset can include static data, configuration files, icons,

endDrawer in Flutter

The endDrawer property is displayed at the right side of the screen. The endDrawer is also very similar to the drawer but it only appears on the right side whereas drawer is appears on left side of the screen by default. In this tutorial,

RichText in flutter

In flutter, Richtext is used to display the text with different styles. The displayed text is defined in a tree of textspan, which of each has own associate style. RichText is used when we have to provide different style to one paragraph.

AppBar in Flutter

Appbar is a material widget in flutter which is used almost in all applications. Appbar will display the toolbar that we see in every application. It also displays several widgets like the title of the screen, leading icons, actions icons

Margin and Padding in Flutter

Margin and Padding widget are widely used widget in flutter applications. Both the widgets are used to provide space to it's associate widgets. Margin is used to provide space outside the respective widget whereas, Padding is also used to

Expanded and Flexible Widget in Flutter

Mostly expanded widget and flexible widget are used to arrange the children of row and column. Generally expanded widget expands to fill the available space in the main axis(horizontally for row and vertically for column). If we use

Row and Column in Flutter

Row and Column are mostly used widget in flutter. Row and Column widget arranged their children vertically and horizontally as per the requirement of applications. Both row and column take multiple child widgets. Row and Column widget are

Adding Launcher icon to Flutter App

Flutter is an open source framework by Google for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase. When we create a flutter application, it comes with default flutter icon. We can change the