Flutter Book Reader app with Source code


Flutter book reader App is an open book reader app provided by Flutter Hope. This app contains App Bar with the navigation option for easy navigation between different options. You can scroll in the page downwards to access different page. There is also bar showing page number on right side. It updates as we switch between the pages. We can also directly go to desire page number by double tapping page number and entering the page number. Pinching two fingers allows us to zoom in and out for better reading experience.

It is a simple book reader app. It has very minimal interface and easy to use. By default you are on homepage then you can use navigation option to switch between privacy and about us page. Exit button on navigation sidebar can be used to exit the app. It imports various pdf viewer package and contains 4 local dart files.

How to Run Flutter Book Reader App Project?

Step 1: Click on Download Button below.

Step 2: Extract the zip file.

Step 3: Right click inside file and open with code.

Step 4: Click on get package or type “flutter pub get on terminal”.

Step 5: Open main dart file, go to run option and start Debugging to run the project.

Note: If you don’t know how to install flutter, Click Here to install flutter on your system.

Video Guide on How to Run Project

About Flutter

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